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  • Pauline Hopa- Head Tutor

The Story of Hātea Kapa Haka

The story of Hātea Kapa Haka began at the dawn of the millennium the year 2000.

Joby suggested to me that we should start our own kapa haka roopuu. We were in Te

Waka Huia at the time and had just completed the nationals at Turangawaewae. I

approached Uncle Bub and told him we were thinking about starting a roopu. He was

very supportive and felt he needed to give me the low down on what it really took to run

a roopuu. “ If you still want to do it after that Pauline, then that’s good. I would have

done my part and given you the full story”.

“Now Pauline, most of our kōrero started out that way. He had an opinion on everything

and a well thought out rationale for his thoughts. “Are you prepared to be broke for a

lot of the time, kapa haka takes time money and lots of fundraising, that’s a big one”.

The next was “and whenever you travel anywhere, you’ll have to take 100 others with

you, your time is never your own, kapa haka will fill your life”. And the next “you will

also find yourself in the middle of your members issues, with their family, all sorts”. He

went on to tell me that kapa haka had brought him and Aunty Nen their highest highs

and some lows too. “The lows are par for the course Pauline and not everyone will

celebrate your successes either.”

“Well Pauline that’s it, aunty and I wish you all the best and we’ll keep an eye out for

you. Make sure you have a home Pauline, don’t be a roopu mānene.”

That was the word from the most successful kapa haka tutor ever. I treasure that

kōrero and the rare insight it gave me. Needless to say we started our roopu- then

without a name but with a turangawaewae at Pehiaweri Marae, Whangārei with our

eyes firmly fixed on the Tai Tokerau Senior Regionals 2001.

About a year later Uncle Bub asked me how things were going. All I had to say was

“everything you said was right Uncle”

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Taliah Cooper
Taliah Cooper
Aug 05, 2020

my uncles in the hatea kapa haka group Joby Hopa


Jan 11, 2019

What a journey Pauline what a legacy

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